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Our bet for quality

It is not quite common for a company to have its own laboratories, but our commitment with Quality has led us there, so we can investigate and test our products, having the complete guarantee that they are compliant with all the relevant certifications and norms.



(LMT GO-V 1900 Goniophotometer SN 06B441):
The goniophotometer measures the quantity of light in a particular direction. It is used to determine the distribution of the luminous intensity of a luminaire, given as a result the luminic curve.


Ulbrich Sphere

This sphere integretes the measure of a luxometre in order to measure the luminous flux in a luminaire.


IP rating room

In this room we can make the liquitds IP testing of any significant figure, from IPX1 to IPX8.


Impact hammer

We can make an impact test of the degrees 1 to 10.


Checks if a fitting has been manufactured according to the DALI protocol.



Dust tightness chamber

With this chamber we can make an IP6X test to check if the fittings with this degree of tightness are protected against dust penetration.


Climatic chamber

With this chamber it is possible to make test at different temperatures and humidity degrees. The ranges are from -20ºC to 150ºC in temperature and from 10% to 98% humidity.


Glow wire machine

With this machine we can check if the plastic elements in a luminaire are self-extinguishable, applying to the sample a temperature of 650ºC to 850ºC degrees (according to the regulation).


Double monochromator

This measures the radiance between 300 to 1400 nanometres. It analyses the non-visible part of the spectrum of a light source to obtain information about the photobiological risks in each luminaire (EN 62471).


Battery testers

These machines make it possible to check the batteries and their quality. It is possible to make charge/discharge cycles to the batteries, ageing them at high temperatures and registering the results in a computer.


Smoke and heat tunnel

With this machine it is possible to simulate and annalize the operation of a smoke detector in an environment with smoke.



(LMT SM 8107 - GO-V Spectroradiometer SN 06B601-81): It can measure the spectral radiation or irradiation through several ranges, measuring the light from aproximately 380 nanometers up to 780 nanometers. This tool enables us to know, amongst other parameters, the chromatice coordinates of a light source, its colour temperature and its CRI (Chromatic reproduction index).


3D Printer

It is possible to make prototypes of housings and plastic parts from a 3D design.


Electromagnetic spectra annalizer

With this device it is possible to check the levels of electromagnetic interferences conducted in a fitting.

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